Ventura Blvd – The Past, Present & Future

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If you had ever had the notion that shopping was what you wanted to do with the rest of your life, then LA’s Ventura Boulevard might just be the place for you. Ventura Blvd is 18 miles of shopping, whether you want a delicious sandwich or a brand new Ford Ventura Boulevard has plenty of options to make your shopping dreams come true.

How did this famous street that is central to the soul of San Fernando Valley, California, USA come about? Well, the natural springs in the area probably had something to do with it. According to natural history sources, ancient Indian tribes used to live in the area. But today the history of the area is reflected in the vibrant tourist culture that permeates the region – due largely to the growth of Hollywood in the 1930s.
Ventura, which is still known today as San Buenaventura, got its origins in 1782 with a religious follower named Fray Junipero Serra who established a mission in the area. Today the area is not even a pale reflection of its religious past – surf shops and even a bookish culture reflect the laid back attitude that today characterizes the area.However, those that want to experience the long past Ventura history will be pleased to know that there are still vestiges of the past that can be enjoyed by those who are lovers of American history.

There is, of course, the historical downtown district which will bring to life the early years of California’s early years as a gold rush town. However, there are also bright sparks of other things that make Ventura Blvd a gem on the crown of American cultural history – such as museums, boutiques and fabulous food that entice visitors to enjoy local foods under the swaying palms that have encouraged visitors to stop a while and enjoy the area’s many attractions for hundreds of years.
Things have changed since the boulevard was first paved.

Today the palms look down on venues that house fine arts and theater, as well as fine dining and small boutique shops. If you are like me and love walking and checking out the scene, I suggest walking up and down this strip in Studio City to get the full experience Ventura Blvd.



Today Ventura Boulevard is a vibrant place where both locals and tourists walk between shops and boutiques that are a mix between modern and old – where one can experience a vibrant street that both harks back to the old and looks forward to the new.

You can enjoy popping into an antique shop or one of the many high-end restaurants along the way. If you like great seafood, then Ventura has some restaurants with world class chefs that will provide a seafood experience that will rival most others offered anywhere in the world. Combine this with other fresh produce that is farm fresh and delivered on a daily basis and you have a recipe for amazing food, that will satisfy even the most demanding palate in the word.

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Ventura Boulevard has a long history – but it has a long future as well. A place that well worth the visit to feel a bit of the past, but also experience the future as well.

The Coolest Parts of Venice Beach

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venice beach california

Venice Beach is easily the most entertaining part of Los Angeles and perhaps all of California. It is focal point for tourists because it has everything you could need to have an enjoyable vacation. There are a variety of entertainers, shops, boutiques, art shows, fun rides, and colorful personalities. It has been referred to as the Coney Island of the Pacific, but it’s really so much more.

Whether you’re visiting for a week or just a few hours, there’s always enough to do in Venice Beach to keep you busy. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have a plan, then you could easily miss out on half of the excitement. Here’s a breakdown of some of the coolest and most entertaining parts of Venice Beach.

The Venice Beach Boardwalk.


If there is one thing that really sets Venice Beach apart from the surrounding area it’s the boardwalk. The Venice Ocean Front Walk is one of the most diversified strips of land in the entire country. Spend five minutes walking down the boardwalk and you’ll likely see something you’ve never seen before in your life. There are dancers, singers, magicians, fortune tellers, performers, and even snake charmers.

If you enjoy people watching, then you could spend an entire day simply strolling the concrete walkway. There are people everywhere from all walks of life and everyone seems to be entertained. When you aren’t watching the people you can step to the side into one of the many specialty shops and boutiques that line the boardwalk.

Abbot Kinney Blvd.

abbot kinney LA California
Named after the developer who founded Venice Beach, Abbot Kinney Blvd. was once named the coolest block in all of America. It is a rare collection of small shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars, and galleries. It was originally known as West Washington Blvd and there was very little “cool” about it, but much of that changed in the 80’s.

If you love shopping, then you absolutely must pay Abbot Kinney a visit. It has some of the best shops you can find in all of California. Clothes to match every style are readily available as well as shoes, collectibles, surf equipment, and everything else you could imagine all located on one block.

The Beach.

venice beach california

Of course, you can’t visit Venice Beach without actually taking the time to visit the beach. It is one of the best beaches in all of Los Angeles sprawling 75 miles of coastline. It’s a famous surf spot that surfers travel from across the country to visit. There’s an artificial barrier constructed by Abbot Kinney that causes waves to break on both sides, which allows for some pretty fun and unique surfing experiences.

If you’ve never been surfing, fret not. There are several surfing lessons offered around the clock throughout most of the year. There are classes for beginners and intermediate surfers. You could visit Venice for vacation and walk away having learned how to surf.

See It For Yourself.

The best way to enjoy Venice Beach is to actually visit and see it all for yourself. Have an idea of what you plan on doing or you could become overwhelmed by possibilities. Check out our LA resources page for great ideas and local Los Angeles businesses.

Things To Do In LA

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Where Can You Find Things To Do In LA?

When you want to visit LA, you may be wondering what there is to do there. This is a great city with tons of fun beaches, amusement parks, and more. This advice will help you to plan your trip so you get the most out of it.

Disneyland is a fantastic place for you and your family to go to. Even if you are going on this trip alone, there is so much to do there that you’ll be sure to have a magical experience. Even if you are not familiar with anything Disney related, the rides and attractions are very enjoyable no matter what your age is. One way to see what is there for you to enjoy is to look up a map of Disneyland in LA that shows you each thing and the times you can expect shows to happen. Planning your trip out to where you can get the most for your ticket price is recommended.


Go to LA and plan to check out the various museums when you are there. The great thing about this city is that it’s such a cultural melting pot that you can go anywhere from a history based museum to one that has a lot of interesting artwork to check out. Make sure that before you go anywhere based on what you’ve looked up online that you contact the museum for more information. Sometimes they close or change their hours, and so before you visit anywhere in the area it’s a good idea to contact them.

Check out the various areas in the city that are interesting by going on a tour. You can find one that travels by bus, for example, and the ride can teach you more about the area. Since LA is so populated, it’s a great idea to have a guided tour like this to have fun with so that you don’t have to navigate the streets on your own. Of course, you have to book this in advance so that you can know you have a spot since so many tourists travel to LA all year.

Eating out in Los Angeles is an enjoyable experience. Ditch the idea of eating fast food and give the various culturally inspired restaurants a try. Whether you like Chinese, American, or even various other foods that are all within this melting pot of a city, you’re sure to find something that matches your budget. If this is going to be a restaurant that needs you to make a reservation, do so well before you’re taking your trip when possible. Also look on social media or other places where the restaurant advertises to its customers to see if you can get a coupon to save money on your meal.

Visiting LA is a fun experience, especially if you haven’t been there and seen the places described above. Planning your vacation in the right way will allow you to be comfortable because you can plan out each day one step at a time. Make sure to check out for more great LA tips.

Welcome to Los Angeles Heat

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Thanks for checking out my new blog and guide to LA’s HOTTEST events, activities and stuff to do.


Whether you are looking for upcoming events, cool parties, concerts, sporting games, or local business resources, we are here to help.


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